Consorzio Vini Valdichiana Toscana Consorzio Vini Valdichiana Toscana


Vini Valdichiana Toscana

Arezzo, dal 1965

DOC/DOP Valdichiana toscana
The Consortium

History of the Consortium

The aim of the Consortium was to promote and endorse Valdichiana Virgin White Wine to be able to obtain the DOC guarantee of origin according to wine making legislation, which came about with the Decree of the President of the Republic on September 1, 1972.

Later, the Consortium, which had moved its offices from Cortona to Arezzo, strived to endorse all the types of wine that are produced in the Tuscan Valdichiana.

The corporate name of the Consortium was modified simultaneously with the first approval of the policy document and its changes. At the Constitution of 1965, the corporate name was “Valdichiana Virgin White Wine Consortium.” As a consequence of the changes to the policy document of the production of the DOC “White Virgin Valdichiana” and the new law on wine 164/92, the members came together in a special meeting and deemed it appropriate to dissolve the “Valdichiana Virgin White Wine Consortium” and create the new “Valdichiana White Virgin Protection Consortium” compliant with the new statute standards for wines.

In 2012, the Consortium obtained the appointment of “erga omnes.” In fact, with DM 11/26/2012 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forest Administration, the Consortium was recognized and appointed with “the protection, promotion, development, consumer information, and care of the general interests and surveillance” of the DOP wines of “Tuscan Valdichiana” as provided in points 1 and 4 of article 17 Dlgs 8/4/10 no. 61.

Presidents in the history of the Consortium
Marquis Camillo Bourbon di Petrella, producer in Cortona and president of the Social Wine Cellar of Cortona, 1965-1973.
Dr. Emilio Poccetti, Agronomist, 1973-1974.
Dr. Franco Quagliotti, Agronomist, 1974-1979.
Professor Romano Sebastiani, producer in Cortona and Principal of the State Technical Institute for Agriculture “A. Vegni” delle Capezzine and farming company, 1979-1991.
P.A. Luigi Giannelli, producer in Cortona, 1991-1993.
Professor Domenico Petracca, Principal of the State Technical Institute for Agriculture “A. Vegni” delle Capezzine and farming company, 1993-1997.
Winemaker Esposito Amedeo Antonio, representative of the Sienese-Aretine Viticulture Cellar of Sinalunga, 1997-2010.
Massimo Peruzzi, producer in Arezzo and president of the Typical Aretine Wines Cellar sca, 2010-present, incumbent president.

Corporate Body

The Governing Body and the Board of Statutory Auditors of the Tuscan Valdichiana Wine Constortium are elected by the Member Assembly and are currently composed of:

Governing Body
Peruzzi Massimo - Presidente
Santiccioli Stefano - Vicepresidente
Barbagli Ferdinando - Consigliere
Cappelli Massimiliano - Consigliere
Malentacchi Piero - Consigliere
Mencacci Romina - Consigliere
Papini Riccardo - Consigliere
Reggidori Romano - Consigliere

Board of Statutory Auditors
Farnetani Roberto - Presidente
Ceccherini Franca - Membro effettivo
Barbagli Domenico - Membro effettivo